Alabama Roots List of Books Available

What better way to tell the story of a state or region than through its people? Alabama Roots is a book series designed to do just that: to provide reading pleasure for young people while helping them to better know the men and women who shaped the state, and to fill a much-needed void of quality regional non-fiction for students in 3rd-9th grades.

Covering a span of time from Alabama’s settlement to modern day, the series introduces early Native Americans, settlers, political and civil rights leaders, beloved musicians, and sports figures.

The goal of Alabama Roots is to provide biographies that are historically accurate and as interesting as the characters whose lives they explore.

The Alabama Roots mark assures readers and educators of consistent quality in research, composition, and presentation.

Title NamePrice
Hank Aaron$7.95
Tallulah Bankhead$7.95
Hugo Black$7.95
Winton Blount$7.95
Paul Bear Bryant$7.95
Rube Burrow$7.95
Jennifer Chandler$7.95
Nat King Cole$7.95
Sam Dale $7.95
Jeremiah Denton$7.95
A.G. Gaston$7.95
Amelia G. Gorgas$7.95
William C. Gorgas$7.95
W. C. Handy$7.95
Guy Hunt$7.95
Frank M. Johnson$7.95
Helen Keller$7.95
Nelle Harper Lee$7.95
Joe Lewis$7.95
Thomas W. Martin$7.95
Willie Mays$7.95
Jesse Owens$7.95
Satchel Paige$7.95
Rosa Parks$7.95
John M. Patterson$7.95
John Pelham $7.95
Daniel Pratt$7.95
Red Eagle $7.95
Emma Sandom$7.95
Rachael Semmes$7.95
Chris Sheats$7.95
Janie Shores$7.95
Fred Shuttlesworth$7.95
Julia Tutwiler$7.95
Wernher von Braun$7.95
Booker T. Washington$7.95
George Wallace $7.95
Lurleen B. Wallace$7.95
Joseph Wheeler$7.95
Heather Whitestone$7.95
Hank Williams Sr. $7.95
William L. Yancey$7.95
NEW! Kathryn Tucker Windham $7.95

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