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Home of W.C. Handy in Florence

Paul “Bear” Bryant

Booker T. Washington Monument with William & Norma Harvey Library beyond, Hampton University, Virginia. (Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

By far, the best book for young readers about Jesse Owens, the authors have made him come alive for us as we travel along with him during his amazing journey.  As the Student Liaison for the Jesse Owens Museum, each time I conduct an interview with a student from the US and other countries who have selected Jesse Owens for their History Project, I strongly recommend this book.

Kate Bergstresser

Great series of biographies on famous people in Alabama which contain detailed information in story form.  I taught 4th grade Alabama History for around 34 years, and these were excellent books to get facts out of and they kept my students spellbound.  These can be read by students for book reports, or just to gain interesting data.  I would highly recommend this series for school and public libraries, including teachers buying their own collection.  Before COVID, I talked to librarians about purchasing for their inventory because Alabama History needs to be kept alive, and these books do it.

Debbie Wiggins, former 4th grade teacher

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